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PC Tune-Up, Privacy Cleaner with SOS Backup - Security Essentials Suite

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Format: Retail Pkg
Platform: Windows

Get online backup, a systemtune-up, and privacy cleaner all in one bundle


[Licensed for use by 1 User on 1 PC]

Spring Cleaning is around the corner and your PC also needs alittle TLC if you want to keep it runningsmoothly and keep your data safe. Thats why you need the OfficeWorksSecurity Essentials Suite with SOS Online Backup, My Privacy CleanerProand PC Tune-Up. This potent software bundle allows you to speedup stagnant PCs, backup important data, and keep your privateinformation safe. This deal also includes 1 year of free service fromSOS Online Backup, makingit easy to keep all your important files safe.

Product Highlights
  • Includes SOS Online Backup, My Privacy Cleaner Pro, and PCTune-Up
  • SOS Online Backup comes with 1 year of free service
  • PC Tune-Up is ideal for breathing new life into your PC byremoving items that slow it down
  • My Privacy Cleaner Pro helps keeps your privacy protectedby deleting Internet searches, cookies, chats, and more

Product Features

SOS Online Backup

  • Backs up any file or folder on standard Windows machines soyou can access and share files anywhere, encrypt files and folders forall backups, and restore data onto your machine
  • SOS runs quietly and automatically in the background soyou’re not disturbed as you work
  • You can even back up your smartphones and tablets becauseeach SOS account supports an unlimited number of mobile devices
  • Schedule hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly backups andchoose the files, folders, servers, and workstations that need to bebacked up for these respective sessions
  • SOSwill automatically find your important files, then simply set thestart-time for your daily backup and youre done!
  • SOS can find and backup files based on type documents,images, music and videos regardless of which folders the files arein. Also setup custom file-types as-needed.
  • Delivers the flexibility to backup any file type, while theSelection Wizard enables you to control what you backup and when youwant to back it up
  • Protect all of your USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, eSATA andother external storage devices. Even backup network-attached volumesfrom any PC, Mac or Linux machine.
  • Activate the LiveProtect feature on select files to enablecontinuous, real-time protection. Files being watched by LiveProtectwill be backed-up within seconds of being changed.
  • SOS can backup files that are being opened and worked onwithout interrupting you. This applies to most common file types suchas Microsoft Office documents.
  • Files backup up by SOS go through the followingmilitary-grade three-tiered encryption process, which includes localencryption, encryption in transit during upload, and encryption at restin the data center
  • All SOS apps encrypt your files usingUltraSafe 256-bit AES before transferringthem to the cloud, files are transferred to and from the cloud via aSecureSockets Layer (SSL) connection, and they are encrypted with asecond layer of UltraSafe 256-bit AES encryption once they arrive inthe cloud
  • Each SOS users files are secured with a unique UltraSafeencryption key.
  • ForeverSave automatically and infinitely archives yourfiles and does not limit which backup are accessible for recovery soall backed up data will be available, forever

PC Tune-Up

  • Breathes life into your computer by removing the items thatcan cause crashes, slow speeds, freezing and impact the overall healthof your computer
  • Easy-to-use interface is designed for all user levels, andwill easily guide you through the process of repairing your slowrunning computer to restore performance of your PC in just four easysteps. 
  • Speeds up your PC so you no longer have to worry about yourcomputer freezing, crashing, or running slowly
  • For your protection and convenience, PC Tune-Up will do acomplete backup of your files and provide a restore point to undo anychanges
  • Scans for bad files and errors and provides a list oferrors accompanied by brief descriptions and recommended fixes
  • Clears unnecessary files and clutter to help increase spaceon your hard drive

My Privacy Cleaner Pro

  • Deletes Internet search histories and recently viewed webpages
  • Finds and removes records of Internet chat conversationsincluding AOL, MSN, and Yahoo
  • Deletes cookies which have been automatically downloadedand may be tracking your online activity
  • Removes all traces of downloaded music, movies, and video
  • Cleans your windows history of recently opened documents,removes temp files, and empties your recycle bin
  • Gives you the option to shred important documents to makesure they cannot be recovered even by the most sophisticated datarecovery products
  • Finds and deletes unwanted items from third party softwarefound on your computer
  • Easy to use interface makes it quick and simple to find anddelete privacy risks
  • Regular product updates ensure that My Privacy Cleaner Prohas all the latest tools for finding and deleting new privacy risks

System Requirements
  • Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP (Windows Server 2003,Windows 2008 Server compatible with My Privacy Cleaner Pro, Windows2000 compatible with PC Tune-UP)
  • Pentium or compatible system
  • 32 MB of RAM or more (For PC Tune-UP)

NOTE: This title is non-returnable once the softwarepackage has beenopened.

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